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Prankster mum hides skeleton in a wall to spook home’s next occupants

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A MISCHIEVOUS mum has hidden a toy skeleton in a wall to spook her home’s next occupants.

Sue Goff, 57, came up with the prank after remembering the old bones in the loft.

Sue Goff has hidden a skeleton behind one of her walls


Sue Goff has hidden a skeleton behind one of her wallsCredit: Kennedy News

She and her husband were renovating the living room when they discovered a window space where the previous owners had left photos.

Sue has sealed in the skeleton with wallpaper so it resembles a coffin.

One skeletal hand holds an envelope with the message: “Hide and seek champ 2021.”

Inside are photos of Sue’s family and animals for the next owners to find.

The skeleton’s other hand is raised in an eerie wave.

Sue said: “I wanted this to serve as a time capsule — and a bit of a joke.

“If I’d come across a fake skeleton like this in a new home, I would find it amusing.”

Sue has lived in the house in Dorking, Surrey, with hubby Darrin for seven years and is mum to Roxanne, 36, and Pierra, 31.

She added: “The skeleton had been part of a toy for my grandson. I needed somewhere to put it and we couldn’t use the wall space as a closet.

“The minute my husband saw me putting the skeleton in place, he smiled, tutted and walked off.

“I’ve played practical jokes on my kids all their life, so I think they’re a bit sick of it — Pierra especially!

“I once locked her in the loft with the lights off.

“I also hid under her bed for half-an-hour while she was having a shower.

“Then when she walked in, I grabbed her ankles.

“I chased her down the road dressed as a zombie nun and showed up on her doorstep dressed as a ­gladiator. It’s all in good fun though.”

A note is attached along with the skeleton


A note is attached along with the skeletonCredit: Kennedy News
Prankster mum Jo with daughter Pierra


Prankster mum Jo with daughter PierraCredit: Kennedy News
Jo hopes her home's future occupiers see the funny side


Jo hopes her home’s future occupiers see the funny sideCredit: Kennedy News
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