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New-build ‘dream home’ has ‘dozens’ of faults from flooded kitchen to ‘dodgy roof’ – leaving owner devastated

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A DEVASTATED homeowner claims their new-build house has “dozens” of faults including a flooded kitchen and a “dodgy roof”.

Barrie McPhilbin, 49, moved into the house in Hucknall, Nottingham in June last year.

Barrie McPhilbin bought this Nottingham house last year


Barrie McPhilbin bought this Nottingham house last yearCredit: BPM
This is furious Barrie's living room


This is furious Barrie’s living roomCredit: BPM
Barrie said what was his 'dream home' has caused him 'nothing but stress'


Barrie said what was his ‘dream home’ has caused him ‘nothing but stress’Credit: BPM

However, he now says what was his “dream home” has been “nothing but stress”.

The house cost Mr McPhilbin £179,000 plus £8,000 worth of additions when he bought it from builders Persimmon Homes.

He claims the house has a faulty fire alarm and that there are problems with the roof.

Mr McPhilbin also claims his kitchen has flooded three times in just one year.

He told Nottinghamshire Live: “To be honest, it’s been nothing but stress. It’s just absolutely horrendous.

“You buy your dream home and now I’ve got two pages of faults, it’s been an ongoing battle. “You are always waiting for the next thing to go wrong.”

Mr McPhilbin says he now wishes he had never bought the house.

A Persimmon Homes spokesperson said: “We always endeavour to address customer concerns within a timely manner.

“Our records show that all outstanding issues we are aware of at this property have either been attended to or are in the process of being agreed with the customer.

“Our customer care team remains in regular contact.”

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