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Mystery of missing woman solved as cops find man who ‘raped & killed her’

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THE mystery of a vulnerable woman who went missing in 2019 has been solved, as cops have captured a man who they say kept her watch as a “trophy.”

Authorities have accused Kirby Foleni Calderwood, 32, of raping, torturing, and murdering 38-year-old Anesha “Duffy” Murnane.

Anesha 'Duffy' Murnane went missing in 2019 and was declared 'dead' in 2021


Anesha ‘Duffy’ Murnane went missing in 2019 and was declared ‘dead’ in 2021Credit: HOMER POLICE DEPARTMENT
Kirby Foleni Calderwood was arrested on Monday for 'torturing, raping, and murdering' Murnane in 2019


Kirby Foleni Calderwood was arrested on Monday for ‘torturing, raping, and murdering’ Murnane in 2019Credit: HOMER POLICE DEPARTMENT

Calderwood was arrested in Utah on May 9 and charged with kidnapping, tampering with evidence, and first and second-degree murder, Dateline reported.

Murnane’s body has not been found.


The 38-year-old woman went missing in Alaska on October 17, 2019.

Police said she was last seen on security video footage leaving her apartment on foot.

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Murnane’s mother told Dateline that she was headed to a 1pm appointment about a mile from her apartment, but she never made it.

Homer police conducted multiple searches for Murnane. Dogs tracked her scent into the downtown area, but the scent was eventually lost.

Officials said there was a “strong possibility” that she got into a vehicle.

Murnane’s mother and stepfather were worried that she had been abducted.


After officials have been actively working on this case since 2019, an affidavit was submitted last week for an arrest warrant for Kirby Foleni Calderwood.

Investigator Matt Haney of the Homer Police Department submitted the affidavit after he was assigned solely to the Anesha Murnane case in 2020.

According to the affidavit, officials received an anonymous tip on April 14, 2022, that was “very specific in naming the person responsible and how the kidnapping, murder, and destruction of evidence were committed.”

The tip named Calderwood, who had already been reported and was under investigation.

The tipster alleged that Calderwood told them about Murnane’s abduction, assault, and killing, and officials determined the caller knew the suspect personally.

The caller claimed that Calderwood has a women’s Timex watch that he took from Murnane.

Police served a search warrant on his home in Utah, and they found a Timex watch that matched the description given by her parents.

Investigator Haney interviewed Calderwood’s current wife on May 5 who lived with him in Utah.

She later revealed that she had been the anonymous tipster who called in April with information leading to Calderwood’s arrest.


Haney interviewed Calderwood in 2021 where he said that the two met at Murnane’s apartment complex.

Calderwood said that they met in 2018 while he worked for the housing company.

He also would eat meals with her in a program at South Peninsula Behavioral Services which is the mental health agency that runs Murnane’s apartment complex, according to Haney’s report.

Haney wrote that Calderwood prepared his then-girlfriend’s parent’s crawlspace in Alaska to torture someone when the house was empty.

The home was unoccupied from October to December 2019.

According to the affidavit and the tipster’s information, Murnane agreed to get into the car with Calderwood on the day of her disappearance after he offered to give her a ride to her appointment.

Police alleged that Calderwood took Murnane to the house with the prepared crawl space where he restrained her and raped her.

He disposed of her cellphone and continued torturing Murnane and eventually killed her, according to Haney’s report.

Calderwood had a history of violence in relationships according to Haney.

Murnane was declared dead June 17, 2021, despite her body never being found. The jury determined that she had most likely died by homicide.

This case is an ongoing investigation.

Homer Police said in a statement: “We would like to thank everyone who cooperated in this investigation. There were dozens of folks that helped out with initial searches.”

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“We would also like to thank the FBI and the Ogden Utah Police Department for all of the help they have provided. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Duffy’s family and all who are touched by this horrible event.”

A memorial installation of the Loved and Lost Bench, the sculpture in memory of Murnane and missing and murdered persons, has been placed at the Homer Public Library.

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