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Monday, July 4, 2022

My street is CHARGING me £7 each to go to our Platinum Jubilee party

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A NEIGHBOUR was left in shock after being told they’d be charged £7 to party on their street over the Jubilee weekend.

The disgruntled resident said “nobody is allowed” to use their “small street” on Saturday June 4 after being sent a strict flyer through their door.

Flyers for the Jubilee celebration on Saturday, June 4


Flyers for the Jubilee celebration on Saturday, June 4Credit: Reddit

The carefully designed leaflet lists a host of activities due to take place between 2pm and 6pm on the day, including face paints and games.

It goes on to say adults will be charged £7 for the event while kids will cost a fiver.

But no cars will be allowed on the street and drivers are urged to park in “Aldi car park” instead.

Posting a photo of the invitation on Reddit, a shocked resident wrote: “According to two of my neighbours it’ll cost £7 to be on my street on Saturday and nobody is allowed to use the road.”

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It is unclear where in the country the party will be taking place.

But its organiser insist: “All we ask is that you buy your own balloons.”

They also warn: “We will be closing off the road so anyone wanting access would you kindly use Aldi car park as there will be children in the road.”

Users were quick to respond, with one person commenting: “What do you actually get for your £7?

“I mean. I thought everyone would be given a job (sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple etc) and it all comes together. Or are you just paying for Ange and Dre’s [the organisers] big Iceland shop and their energy bill?”

Someone else said: “If you want to do a community event like this, just get local folks to use their barbecues and such, would be much more… you know… communityish”.

Another person wrote: “It’s £20 where I live, and there’s a fair few council houses around here too, so it’s far from an upmarket area.

“I have absolutely no intention of attending.”

It comes as families in Wessex plan to bill their council after jobsworth workers took down their Jubilee bunting.

Council staff cut the colourful flags down within hours of lamp posts and signs being decorated in Whitestone, Nuneaton.

One resident said: “You do something nice for it to be taken away from you.

“It takes months to get work done from the council, but only takes a phone call within minutes to cut bunting down.

“I will be putting in a bill for the bunting.”

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council said they feared the bunting would get in the way of bin collections.

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Councillor Sue Markham, said: “We have to ensure we provide our service to residents and unfortunately anything like bunting strung across the road can disrupt this.

“We spoke to some residents to explain what we needed to do, and tried to minimise the impact by only cutting the bunting line in one place, hopefully making it easier to repair.

“If residents around the borough can bear this in mind when they want to join celebrations in this way, that would really help us, as we work hard to avoid leaving whole streets of bins unemptied if we can avoid it.”

Over 150 Union Jack flags are put in place above Regent Street


Over 150 Union Jack flags are put in place above Regent StreetCredit: PA
Construction work has been carried out at Buckingham Palace for the celebrations


Construction work has been carried out at Buckingham Palace for the celebrationsCredit: EPA
A Union Jack flag is erected outside Buckingham Palace


A Union Jack flag is erected outside Buckingham PalaceCredit: EPA

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