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Love Island fans spot clues producers TOLD Ekin-Su to rage at Jay


LOVE Island fans are convinced that producers told Ekin-Su to rage at Jay after she appeared to change her mind within minutes.

The Turkish actress initially didn’t seem too concerned when Jay told her he wanted to get to know Paige.

Ekin-Su launched into an attack on Jay


Ekin-Su launched into an attack on Jay
She seems calm at first but then suddenly flipped


She seems calm at first but then suddenly flippedCredit: Rex

In fact Jay thought it went so well that he kept telling his fellow Islanders that it “couldn’t have gone any better”, which many felt was a clue of what was to come.

But moments later she stormed out the villa and confronted him, which resulted in her screaming he was a liar.

Those watching at home reckon the whole thing was staged, with one fan tweeting: “Listen I’m sure the producer pull Ekin sue and say Aite listen it’s time to do mad ting again… paid http://actress.com #LoveIsland.”

A second remarked: “I swear Ekin is a plant… handled it calm then the producers got in her ear and asked for violence #LoveIsland.”

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While a third commented: “I’m convinced the producers whispered something in Ekin’s ear cuz that was unhinged🤣 #loveisland.”

“The producers definitely told Ekin to go back out there and be mad cos the way Jay was going it’s too polite and calm = boring 😂☕️ #LoveIsland,” added another.

Earlier in the evening Jay pulled Ekin-Su for a chat and told her: “Obviously, you’ve probably sensed that I’ve been a bit off today and yesterday and it’s just because I want to be honest with my feelings.

“And I feel like because I moved so fast with you I didn’t get the chance to explore getting to know one Islander in particular here, which is Paige.”

Ekin-Su replied: “I’m shocked with the Paige thing – wow!”

He continued: “I wanted to tell you first because I respect you and I owe you the respect.” 

Ekin-Su appeared to react calmly to the news and Jay heads over to let Jacques know next, telling him:  “I don’t want anything to get between us and I’m telling you man-to-man. I want to get to know Paige on a better level.” 

But Ekin-Su has a change of heart and pulls Jay for another chat at the fire pit – which soon turns fiery.

She rages: “First of all, I take everything back that I said here. I was calm, collected and it just hit me now what you have done.

“You knew at the recoupling to stay safe that I would pick you. You could have got to know Paige from day dot.”

“Why would you open up to me? Saying all these cute things like ‘my head wouldn’t turn’…”

She shocks the other Islanders by screaming at Jay and storming off – appearing to show their coupling is over for good.

Jay was shocked by Ekin's change of heart


Jay was shocked by Ekin’s change of heart

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