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Key update issued for households still waiting for £150 council tax rebate

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THOUSANDS of households across the UK could still be in line for £150 to help them through the cost of living crisis.

In February, the government announced it would be offering a council tax rebate to combat rising energy bills.

Thousands of households across the UK could still be in line for £150 to help them through the cost of living crisis


Thousands of households across the UK could still be in line for £150 to help them through the cost of living crisisCredit: Getty

The £150 payment is for people whose homes fall under council tax bands A – D and local councils are responsible for deciding who is eligible and making payments.

The government set a deadline of September 30 for all payments to be made, and payments started back in April.

Some households are yet to receive their payments, but councils have given updates on when residents in those areas should expect to receive them.


Councils across Nottinghamshire have given updates on when residents can expect their payments.

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Gedling Borough Council has said people expecting to receive their payment via direct debit may be experiencing delays.

It said it was having issues with some bank details not matching its database, which needed to be rectified before a payment can be made.

It explained it was working on getting the accounts fixed and then it must wait for a council tax payment to be made to verify the account before it can issue the rebate.

For residents who don’t pay their council tax by direct debit, the council added households could collect their rebate, in cash, at their nearest post office.

To do this, you will need to await a letter from the Post Office and take that, along with ID to your nearest branch.

The letters are still being issued.

Meanwhile, Nottingham City Council has confirmed 57,000 payments have already been made.

It said, however, some transactions had not been successful but it was contacting those households to confirm the correct bank details in order to make payments.

The council said it was working on the process for taxpayers who pay their council tax where it does not hold bank details.

It added it would announce the process “shortly”, but urged residents not to contact them chasing payments.

And for residents who don’t pay by direct debit, the council said it was currently writing to households and inviting them to claim the rebate online.

If you want updates from your specific council and you live in Nottinghamshire, you can use the government’s council locator tool.


Residents in Leicestershire have been urged to cash their £150 rebate vouchers as soon as possible.

There, the rebate has already been automatically given to most residents who pay their council tax by direct debit.

But if you don’t pay this way, vouchers have been issued.

And now residents have been told they have three months to cash the vouchers at their nearest post office otherwise they will automatically be paid in credit into their individual council tax accounts.


Great Yarmouth Council, in Norfolk, has revealed a new online form to help residents who have not yet claimed their £150 rebate.

Over 27,000 households have been paid in the town, but there are still some who have not claimed it.

Rebate payments there have only been made to people whose bank details were already on the council’s system because they pay their council tax via direct debit.

But now those who pay by other methods are able to claim their rebate by completing the form.

The council has sent a letter to all eligible residents who don’t have bank details on the authority’s systems.

The letter explains how you can give the council your bank details and apply for payments.

If you have received a letter telling you to submit an application form, you have to complete the authority’s council tax rebate scheme application.


In Plymouth, 30,000 households have yet to claim their council tax rebate.

Residents there can claim their rebate in three different ways.

People can claim the rebate through the Council’s website in one of three ways.

They can either provide the council with their bank details and receive the £150 through a BACS credit to their account.

Or, they can request a £150 credit to their council tax account.

Finally, they can request a Post Office voucher to grab the £150 cash from their nearest Post Office branch.

A spokesperson for the council said it was encouraging all residents to pay their council tax by direct debit in future as this made it easier for the authority to process payments.

For residents who don’t know how to provide their direct debit details to the council, you can visit its website.

What to do if you have not yet been paid your rebate

Because it falls to each individual council to decide how to process residents’ council tax rebate, how to find out when you are due yours will depend on your local authority.

Some councils are urging residents not to contact them while they are processing payments, but others say you can.

Your best option is to go on your local councils’ website to find out more details.

If you don’t know which council you fall under, or which council is allocating the council tax, it will usually be your district council.

For example, if you live in Bury St Edmunds, in the West Suffolk Council catchment area, West Suffolk Council will be who you should contact.

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If you live in Barnstaple, in North Devon, it will be North Devon Council issuing your rebate.

To find which council you fall under, again, you can use the government’s locator tool.

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