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Jacob struggles with abusive Tina while grieving Ethan makes devastating decision

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CASUALTY’S Jacob has a big week in store as he struggles with Tina’s violence and faces a heartbreaking situation.

Jacob has a lot on his hands as Tina betrays him again, but his mind is swiftly changed after he faces a near-fatal situation.

Jacob has a really rough week on BBC's Casualty


Jacob has a really rough week on BBC’s CasualtyCredit: ITV

Things are not going very well for Ethan either as he struggles as a single dad after the death of his wife, Fenisha.

Newcomer Teddy also has a concerning encounter with Jan who we quickly learn is not doing so well.

Jacob is having trouble with Tina’s ongoing abuse

He faces even more turmoil with Tina


He faces even more turmoil with TinaCredit: ITV

The doctor is struggling with Tina even more after she threw out his late mum’s jewellery.

Jacob gets frustrated that she refuses to apologise and decides to go for a run to clear his head, but things take an ever darker turn.

Jacob’s run turns into a lifesaving mission

On his run, Jacob passes a woman called Jo holding a cup of coffee by the sea wall.

When he runs back past the same spot, he sees the abandoned coffee cup, but no sign of Jo.

He realises she’s attempted to take her own life and jumps into the water to try to save her.

His struggle against the rough waters serves as a metaphor for him drowning in his relationship with Tina.

Tina’s jealous rage

Tina gets jealous and violent when she hears a patient flirting with Jacob


Tina gets jealous and violent when she hears a patient flirting with JacobCredit: ITV

The next day Jacob goes back to work and helps a patient alongside Stevie.

Tina overhears the flirting and flies into a jealous and hurls a photo of Jacob’s mum to the floor, which injures Jacob.

As she tends his wounds, Tina begins hitting herself in the head and says he would not help her in the same way if she needed it.

Teddy uncovers a secret

The new kid on the block, Teddy, uncovers Jan's big secret


The new kid on the block, Teddy, uncovers Jan’s big secretCredit: ITV

Newcomer Teddy gets a shock when he finds Jan sleeping in the ambulance station.

She asks him to keep at a secret, but Iain soon finds out.

He confronts Jan and she reveals she has been struggling ever since her separation from Ffion.

Widower Ethan struggles as a single dad

Widower Ethan is struggling as a single dad


Widower Ethan is struggling as a single dadCredit: ITV

Ethan continues to grieve Fenisha, but is keeping it together to be look after their son Bodhi.

But he begins to crack after his brother Cal appears to him in a grief daydream.

Bodhi’s grandparents, Pen and Ashley, begin to worry about Ethan when he comes home late from work with a a six-pack of beer.

Jacob’s proposal

Jacob thinks the only way to save Tina is by proposing to her


Jacob thinks the only way to save Tina is by proposing to herCredit: ITV

A confused Jacob is struggling after hearing Jo made a second – and successful – attempt on her life.

Overwhelmed with grief, Jacob proposes to Tina in the hope it will stop her from hurting herself.

Ethan makes a tough call

Ethan makes a heartbreaking decision about his son Bodhi


Ethan makes a heartbreaking decision about his son BodhiCredit: ITV

The single dad confesses to Fenisha’s parents, Pen and Ashley, that every time he looks at Bodhi all he can see is his dead wife.

They tell him they are welcome to take Bodhi whenever Ethan needs a hand.

Ethan then sees Cal again in a grief manifestation who tells him he can’t manage working as a doctor while grieving Fenisha and being a single dad.

He has a run-in with Matthew and then Ethan makes a heartbreaking decision to leave Bodhi on Pen and Ashley’s doorstep.


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