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Thursday, May 26, 2022

iPhone travel hack turns SICKNESS BAG into the ultimate free flying accessory

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A TIKTOKER has revealed a very useful iPhone hack for anyone planning to jet off on holiday this year – and it costs you nothing.

With travel finally back on, this trick is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy Netflix or anything else on their phone but have limited luggage space for a stand.

Watch what you want without taking an iPhone stand with you


Watch what you want without taking an iPhone stand with youCredit: @katamogz

Or maybe you don’t own a stand at all – with this clever idea, it really doesn’t matter.

And all you need is… the plane’s sickness bag.

That’s right, so how does it work?

Well, as Katarina Mogus revealed to her 2.4million TikTok followers, it’s very easy.

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Hopefully, you already have a case on your iPhone, as it won’t work without it.

Pop the case off and find the sickness bag when you’re seated on the plane.

Place the bottom part of the bag into your iPhone’s case.

Next, slot your iPhone back into the case, essentially wedging the paper bag in between your iPhone and your case.

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Now, drop down the tray table attached to the seat in front of you.

Lay about half of the sickness bag on the end of the tray and carefully keep hold of it while folding the tray back up.

Secure the tray using the sliding bolt, and it’s all in place.

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Now you have a free stand for your iPhone, so you can watch whatever you like on your device with a perfect landscape view.

Just don’t forget to download some shows before hand – see how it’s done on Netflix here.

Find your flight sickness bag and away you go


Find your flight sickness bag and away you go

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