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Saturday, August 13, 2022

I’m furious after a car parked in TWO bays to save one for his pal at the beach

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A SEASIDE resident is fuming after spotting a motorist parking across two bays so they could save one for their friend at the beach.

Ryan Mortimer caught the moment an “inconsiderate” driver drove across the two spare spaces on Boscombe Undercliff Drive, Dorset, so his incoming mate wouldn’t have to struggle to find a free one.

Ryan Mortimer captured the moment a driver parked across two bays to save one for his friend


Ryan Mortimer captured the moment a driver parked across two bays to save one for his friendCredit: Ryan Mortimer/DorsetLive

But the frustrated onlooker says it was two hours before the friend arrived to the Bournemouth spot, sparking anger among others hoping to park their own cars.

Ryan says when confronted about taking up two spaces, the man told him he was “reserving a space”.

He told DorsetLive: “Lots of people were arguing with them about saving the space but they didn’t care.

“It was over two hours in the end until their friend arrived.”

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Outraged, he took to Facebook to warn other drivers and alert them to people who might try something similar.

In his post, Ryan wrote: “Car parked on Boscombe Undercliff Drive like this for over an hour.

“‘We are reserving a space’ – that’s the response I got.

“Parking guys informed but no action taken.”

With summer holidays in full swing, thousands of Brits are flocking to the beach.

Seaside towns are seeing an influx of visitors as temperatures provide warmth for fun in the sun.

Ryan’s anger comes as drivers were banned from parking on certain roads in a UK holiday hotspot after causing severe congestion.

Cumbria council introduced new rules on Monday after “inconsiderate parking” clogged roads in one of the Lake District’s most popular valleys.

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Vehicles will no longer be able to stop or wait along Dungeon Ghyll in Great Langdale and a stretch of the A591 near Ambleside.

Enforcement officers will patrol the area and deal £30 fixed penalty notices to anyone not abiding by the new measure.

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