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Heavyweight champ takes his business to the next level

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HEAVYWEIGHT Cheavon “Chev” Clarke has never been one to rest on his laurels. Even as a teenager, the boxer, currently ranked number three in the world and number one in the UK, refused to settle for being average.

“I got a message from one of my old teachers recently and he told me, ‘You were never happy just being OK, you always wanted to take it to the next level,’” says Chev. “Whenever I achieve anything, I always ask myself what else I can do, and where I can take it. It’s about pushing to be the best you can in whatever you do.”

 Fighting spirit … having a curious mind has been key to Chev’s success


Fighting spirit … having a curious mind has been key to Chev’s success

After winning silver at the 2017 European Championships, bronze at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and bronze at the 2019 European Games, the fast-fisted sporting champ is currently competing at the postponed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as part of Team GB.

As he prepares for the fight of his life, Chev is also developing his business, Level Up Nation, which sells branded T-shirts based on his personal philosophy: “Level up”.

The brand was born after the boxer was contacted by fans keen to buy one of his personalised tees, one of which is emblazoned with, “‘Overnight success’ Early mornings. Late nights. Over time”, which neatly sums up his fierce work ethic.

He says: “People never see the hurdles or the knock-backs, they only see the overnight success. But hurdles are what make you level up, because you have to jump over them. It’s about getting up, going again and striving until you hit it.”

The heavyweight levelled up his business after spotting an advert for GoDaddy on YouTube. He says: “I watched a video about a guy who wanted to put his business online and it got me thinking. People would message me about buying a T-shirt and I’d write down their details and print a batch every few months. I needed to streamline the process – and by using GoDaddy, I’ve been able to do that.”

At c4boxing.com, designed, built and hosted by GoDaddy, customers can both order merchandise and learn more about Chev’s history and lifestyle, which includes a passion for plant-based eating and promoting financial literacy, especially among the young people he mentors.

Chev says: “The website looks amazing and the process is a lot more fluid now. I’ve got a video running on a loop, which looks great, and when customers tag me wearing my merchandise, I can add a swipe-up link to direct traffic to the website. That’s really helped me convert my online presence into sales.”

Along the way, Chev has been happy to take advice from GoDaddy’s customer services, which are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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