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City where cheats are the most caught revealed…they don’t cover their tracks

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LOVE-cheats worst at covering their tracks and most likely to be caught out are — Brummies.

A survey of 2,000 adults showed that 11 per cent admitted being rumbled by partners by leaving tell-tale signs.


Love-cheats worst at covering their tracks and most likely to be caught out are — Brummies[/caption]

In Birmingham the figure hit 20 per cent, the study by furnishing firm Terry’s Fabrics found.

Cheats from Cambridge were the most cautious with just four per cent admitting sloppy ways.

Giveaways included working late (21 per cent), dinner-for-two receipts (13 per cent) and a whiff of perfume (ten per cent).

Brummie Ozzy Osbourne confessed to cheating on his wife Sharon multiple times.

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People from Norwich were the second least likely to be caught on six per cent.

Edinburgh and Manchester followed on eight per cent each.

Liverpool rounded off the five least likely on nine per cent.

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