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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Boris Johnson’s tone-deaf party are arrogant clowns who just don’t get it – and the poor suffer, says Piers Morgan

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IT’S a very tough time right now for many millions of people around the world, as rocketing inflation drives the cost of food, fuel and bills through the roof.

And as always when this happens, the heaviest burden falls on those with the smallest resources – the poorest.

Piers Morgan shared his views on his TalkTV show


Piers Morgan shared his views on his TalkTV showCredit: TalkTV

Many get so desperate they rely on charitable food banks for donations to make sure they and their families simply have enough to eat.

They don’t do this because they want to, they do it because they have to.

And the double whammy of an economy-wrecking pandemic and now ruinous inflation has led to a massive increase in demand for those food banks, from America to the UK.

These are serious times demanding serious answers from serious people.

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Instead, we have politicians like British Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who reckons he’s got the problem worked out.

Oh, of course, how stupid of us! There was me thinking people go to food banks it’s because they have no other option.

But no, apparently, it’s because they don’t know how to cook or budget properly.

They should simply be shown how to knock out a nutritious meal, he says, for 30 pence! 

Now, in the interests of fairness I decided to fact-check Lee Anderson with a bit of consumer research, and I discovered he might have been onto something.

A pint of milk – 5p. A sliced white loaf of bread – 10p. Packet of crisps – 3p. Six eggs – 11p.

Then I remembered these were the prices in 1972…!
Dig a little deeper into Lee Anderson’s political career and you’ll soon discover why he might not understand what it’s like to be poor.

His salary of more than £84,000 is more than double the UK average.

But he also claimed £219,700 in business costs from 2020 to 2021. 

And that’s also almost £16,000 more than the average for an MP.

Life’s a lot easier when the tax-payer’s stumping up for it, isn’t it Mr Anderson?

Politicians from Boris Johnson’s ruling party aren’t covering themselves in glory as voters suffer. They just don’t get it. It’s not about value brands.

Anderson and Eustice’s tone-deaf, woefully insensitive attitude reminds me of haughty French queen Marie Antoinette who infamously said ‘let them eat cake’ when she was told peasants couldn’t afford bread.

But what more should we expect from this government? Police today revealed they’ve issued a staggering 100 fines now for illegal lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street and Whitehall… meaning the very place with the most fines in Britain was also the very place where the rules were actually made.

Let me remind these arrogant clowns that Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France before the country’s revolution.

MP Lee Anderson said the cost of living crisis was made worse because people can't make meals from scratch


MP Lee Anderson said the cost of living crisis was made worse because people can’t make meals from scratch
The Tory MP faces backlash for his comments about Brits not needing foodbanks


The Tory MP faces backlash for his comments about Brits not needing foodbanks

Baldness isn’t sexual

Talking of clowns, judges on an employment tribunal in the U.K ruled today that it’s sexual harassment to mock a man for being bald.

Electrician Tony Finn claimed unfair dismissal from his job because he said he was subjected to discrimination for having no hair.

Specifically, his factory supervisor Jamie King called him a “bald” BLEEP.

Incredibly, he won his case because the judges determined that hair loss is much more prevalent among men than women, so using it to describe someone is a form of discrimination.

They said: “In our judgment, there is a connection between the word ”bald” on the one hand and the protected characteristic of sex on the other.”

What are they talking about?

Even more absurdly, the judges compared being mocked about baldness to remarking on the size of a woman’s cleavage, raising a previous case where a man was found to have sexually harassed a woman by commenting on the size of her breasts.

You may be unsurprised to hear that all three judges who reached this decision are themselves bald.

You may also be unsurprised to hear that I think this judgement is utterly, hair-wrenchingly ridiculous. There’s nothing sexual about being bald!

No bald man has ever been wolf-whistled in the street, or objectified in the office by a leering woman saying: ‘that’s a hot shiny dome you got there darling…’

Being bald is just a fact of life, not a topic for sexual harassment lawsuits.

Although, perhaps. I’ve got this all wrong. When I sent this story to my family WhatsApp group chat today, my sister pointed out that our follically-challenged brother Jeremy has always claimed a bald head is just a solar panel for a sex machine.

“That’s quite correct,” he replied. “And why I need to be kept out of the sun.”

Incidentally, Jeremy retired as a British Army Colonel today after 37 years of outstanding service to his country, including numerous war zones.

I got the hair… he got the balls.

Piers expressed his astonishment at the thought that baldness could be considered sexual


Piers expressed his astonishment at the thought that baldness could be considered sexualCredit: TalkTV

Mask Mafia

An explosive and shocking video of Broadway legend Patti LuPone berating a theatre goer has emerged.

The two-time Tony award-winner is seen yelling furiously at a woman in the audience. 

So, what was her crime? Heckling? Filming the performance on her smartphone? Chatting to friends, maybe, during a tense monologue?

No, no. Far more serious. She wasn’t wearing her mask properly.
Hmmm…I think I’ve spotted a bit of a problem here, and it’s called bare-faced hypocrisy.

Foaming at the mouth in righteous indignation at a woman who’s surrounded by people and maskless, while you yourself are… surrounded by people and maskless.

Nothing screams absurd liberal covid rule hypocrisy than an unmasked singer spitting abuse – and particles of God knows what – at a theatre goer for doing exactly the same thing she is doing in that exact same moment!

It’s not just delusional divas belting out mask-wearing virtue signals to the normal people, while singing a different tune themselves. We see this hypocrisy time and time again.

And here’s Hillary Clinton on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

No mask for Hillary. Just for the poor flunky who’s puffing her dress.…

One rule for the flunkies, one for the elite. Memo to the mask mafia: I see you, and your faces

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